Soozy (lil_devil_sooz) wrote,

i havent done much, yesterday i went to the library to do some revision with denise, and then in the evening loretta asked me to go cinema. I said no at first but then finally gave in and was dreading it. But it turns out we had a really good time, we were too late for the film so we went to Nando's in Uxbridge. The food was soooooooo nice and really cheap!

Then we got chatted up on the bus by these guys and they all wished me happy birthday. They said i had nice legs hehe. Today I spent the whole day just sunbathing on the balcony it was so nice and relaxing. Ive gotta go babysitting tonight, I need the money for tomorrow!

Im hoping and praying that a guy i pulled about a year and a bit ago is gonna be there at the pub, deborah said hes even better looking than before! should be interesting...
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