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well debbys thing was good on sat night, i got soooo pissed, i started hyper ventilating. But it was good, we went to shannons in hounslow first then Twickenham the front room, then back to Shannons, the upstairs club was a bit shit, it was just playing garage/hip hop music and the kind of ppl there i didnt really wanna get to know. Debs brother didnt come, which i was very dissapointed about it, nor did james.

Anyways its my birthday today, I could not believe it, my auntie gave me £500!! plus i got £30 from other ppl. Also I got my mini disc player, which is soooo cool, i love it! Ive eaten about 3 different dinners and birthday cake, and I will be sick in a minute. And ive done hardly any revision and ive got 2 exams 2mrw!! help me!!! I dont even know which one is first! But after tomorrow I will be FREE!!!
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