Soozy (lil_devil_sooz) wrote,

Last Night

Well...last night was eventful, not really for me, but for everyone else around me! firstly Laura forgot the tickets so we had to go on a trek, so we couldnt go to phillips house which i was pissed off about coz i wanted to meet his mum. Anyways we finally got there and we sat in the queue with Phillip, Fay was there, I thought she was really pretty. We drank like little homeless alcoholics, i dont think Jess was too impressed, and for some reason I got pissed really quickly. Phillip was out of it. The first band was really good, smother, the lead singer was so fit. The second band were really bad, it was just a constant noise, it totally fucked my ears up. Then Kinesis came on, they were fuckin amazing, connor chucked me his water, and at one point he came right up and stuck his guitar in my face, and i was sorta touching him up hehe. Seymour nearly killed me several times, he stuck his dick in my face at one point. Then the club thing after, Phillip asked out jess but she said no and it really affected him. I felt so bad, I didnt know what to do, I tried to comfort him, but i thought maybe he just wanted to be left alone, and when he came back crying i just thought 'fuck'. Anyways later on Laura went with the tour manager and I was kinda left there, i felt akward at first but then gradually i began to talk to the rest of Kinesis, and we just couldnt believe it. Tom was really nice and bought me and laura a drink. Hes so cute. Seymour and Fay were gettin it on as well!! It was a good night, just wished I coulda been a bit more lucky with the guys but ah well. Anyways we probably wont go to MBA this tuesday as i need to get rid of this ringing in my ears and save money and concentrate on exams!!!!
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