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The reason I havent updated in ages is coz I forgot my password. Today it suddenly came back to me thank god. This weekend has been so busy, on friday we went to the pub in ealing and literally EVERYONE was there, all the gunnersbury guys, loads of guys from primary school, claire gergees and her sister and their mates, all the gumley lot, deborah and cousins and sister and mates, plus laura and denise, it was like a big reunion! I didnt get very drunk just typsy and then we all went to burger king afterwards. Debs cousin wasnt as good looking as i thought he would be, but as i got to know him and saw him properly he got more and more attractive.

Saturday me and laura got up very early to go to debs, we had breakfast at there, and then me, laura, debs and her cousins went to thorpe park. I went on all the rides, even one i never used to go on coz i was shit scared, but we got absolutly soaked to the bone on tidal wave. Micheal(debs 3rd cousin) and debs were gettin very close all day.

Sat night, although i was absolutly knackered, we went up london to tuffnell park, the toony loons club. At first i was nervous, there was a lot of people totally out of it around us, and i was stone cold sober and the place looked rather grotty from the outside. We went in and suddenly i just felt the energy. It reminded me of reading festival, it was brilliant music, drink, drugs, people off their heads, very intimate dancing. The drinks started flowing and me and laura were the first to go and dance. It took the others a while but they did get up. Although most of the night debs and micheal were very close AGAIN. Debs took me into the toilet and said micheal was flirting with her and she was flirting back.
I told her to just go for it, hes not officially her cousin.

I didnt pull anyone, i was intimately dancing with one guy, he has his top off yum, but jesus his hands went everywhere!!! Also there was another sweet guy who asked me to dance, but it was nearly the end and i was soo tired, so i just said sorry and went away with laura back to the others. But the highlight of the evening was when Muse was played, I think it was Plug in Baby, and me and laura got up on a podium/stage type thing and started doing dirrrrty dancing. We were above everyone, we just could look over the crowd, it was an amazing feeling.

Took a while for us to get home, but they all came back to my house. We all slept in my room, (me, debs, laura, catherine and micheal), although me and laura stayed up a bit longer and rustled some pots and pans. It was so weird having them all in my house, first time a boy has stayed in my room!!

I have been invited to a kareoke night at the pub tonight with debs, cousins, sister and her mates but im sooo tired, and spent way too much money this weekend so im not gonna go, nor is laura.
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